Jonathan Blackfin
That being said (see previous post), my life would be far more painstakingly lonely without my best friend/bro/gal pal/confidant/family/P.I.C./wife. Being two adults with opposing work schedules is the worst. But goddamnit, this is the best part of my day. Wasting my night on the internet while I listen to her sleeping breathes right beside me. Right hand on the keyboard, left hand on her. It is the most comforting thing in my life. It brings a promise of a better tomorrow. No matter what the day throws at me, it always ends like that. There is definitely perfection in this chaos.

Scrolling through Tumblr constantly reminds me of my lack of a core group of friends. Getting older blows. Hold on to the friends you see as family. People like that are few and far between. Trust me.


Hearing someone speak and thinking “How the fuck is this person my age?” is the most frequently-occurring thing that happens to me.

Well, I have great news for you! You will always be having this thought. Always. Until you die.